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All beginnings are difficult, is what they say. Well, that’s not the case with Reducept. You don’t need a personal trainer to start the Reducept Method. You can do this on your own! It’s simple, and you can try the Reducept Method free the first two weeks.

When you order a Reducept subscription with us, you can start using the app on your smartphone right away. You'll get access to the membership page, where you can learn everything to start your training.


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    Download the Reducept training app on your smartphone

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What do I get with the Reducept Method?

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Take control over your pain with the Reducept Method

You can train whenever and wherever you want to. Just install and open our app on your smartphone and you’re ready to go! It’ll only take you ten minutes a day. You'll discover all features within the Reducept Method when you start your free trial.

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Life is better without pain

Walking with your dog, changing the sheets or being able to visit your family without experiencing pain… We are pretty sure we don’t have to convince you: life is a lot better without pain. With the Reducept Method you train your brain to work on your new reality: your world without pain.

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  • 18.000+Sessions
  • 74%Experiences less pain
  • 10Minutes of training per day

Virtual Reality?

You can start the Reducept training app on your phone for free without using Virtual Reality. You can always decide to upgrade to Virtual Reality on your smartphone or a dedicated VR headset. All the information you need to decide if you would like to use Virtual Reality will be provided when you start your free trial. 

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  • 10 minutes training a day
  • Science-based treatment method
  • Train whenever you want to
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