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You can start you license on your own profile page. You can find your profile page on the upper right corner of the membership page.

You can buy a Subscription Reduction Method online or notify a friend / family member by entering his/her email address here. Can't find your way out? Please contact us via chat or mail.


You can contact affiliated practitioners or start the Reducept Method with your current practitioner. Is your practitioner not using the Reducept Method yet? Here you will find an overview of clinics that use the Reducept Method for the treatment of chronic pain.


Good question. We have summarized here for you for which type of pain the Reducept Method is suitable.

The Reducept Method only has an effect if you train regularly. We therefore recommend that you use it at least once a week for a period of at least 4 weeks. Learn more about how to get the most out of the Reducept Method in this video.


The requirements for reimbursement vary per country and healthcare organisation. The purchase of the Reducept Method is not automatically reimbursed by the insurer. Check here the claim options for E-health in the Netherlands. 

If you cancel the subscription you can use the Reducept Method until the end of the period you paid for. After that you no longer have access to the Reducept Method and App. You can always reactivate your subscription when you decide to continue.

All updates and extensions to the Reducept Method are included in your subscription price, unless stated otherwise.

No, because the subscription renews automatically. If you cancel the subscription, you still have access to the Reducept Method in the month in which you cancel.

You will receive an e-mail with an invoice a few days before a payment takes place. This happens automatically. At that time, you can still decide to cancel the subscription without the payment taking place.

Read here in which ways you can use the Reducept Method now and in the future.

An overview of suitable Virtual Reality glasses and all costs can be found here.

The costs for the Reducept Method can be found here. Costs for external hardware such as Virtual Reality - glasses or mobile phone are not included in the price. These products are not supplied by Reducept. You can read here what you get when you buy the Reducept Method.

The Reducept Method is not reimbursed by health insurers. However, we are in discussion about this, unfortunately we cannot make any statements about the expected duration of this process.

By innovating you distinguish yourself from others and you can recoup your costs or even generate more income. This can be done in the following ways:


  1. Referrals: every practice that uses the Reducept Method can be found on our website, both patients and referrers can find the practices there.
  2. As a practitioner you can distinguish yourself by innovation and expansion of treatment options for chronic pain.
  3. The Reducept Method can be applied in the practice and through remote care at home.
  4. Efficient treatment and reduction of the necessary treatment time (possibly with a fixed rate).
  5. Offering treatment in groups.
  6. Patients can start working with the Reducept Method at home.

Internationally, various subsidies are available for the implementation of technology in the healthcare sector. If you are interested in applying for subsidies to purchase the Reducept Method, please contact us to advise on the possibilities that are relevant for you.