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The Reducept Method

Holisitc care

The reducept method: 3 parts to effective pain relief

  1. You, the practitioner
  2. The patient
  3. Us: the Reducept team
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Step 1: It starts with you

The first part of the reducept method is the practitioner. Reducept might be one of the best tools on the planet for pain management and rehabilitation, but Reducept is only ever as effective as the source of the care: the pain management professional. If the professional doesn't see the value, neither will the patient, and the pain will persist.

This is why we give in-depth, personalised implementation training to all our customers.

Part 2: The patient experience

To support patients, we offer community, learning resources and thoughtful treatment protocols, supported by our flagship product: the Reducept VR training and mobile companion app. With just a few clicks you can onboard a new patient into the Reducept treatment protocol, and we take care of the rest. All that is left is letting them train with the VR app under supervision at your local practice. We are confident that with the right support (as described in step one):

Every patient can make crucial steps on the road to recovery from chronic pain.


Part 3: The Reducept Team

When you purchase Reducept, you don't just purchase software, or some training materials. You get full access to the Reducept community. We are just as invested in your success as you are, because we care about the same thing: helping those who are suffering. We believe that a care mindset is the most crucial part of this mission, and the second part is administrative and technical: streamlining this process so that more patients can receive excellent, groundbreaking and holistic care.

We want you to succeed. If you are an existing customer: reach out to us so that we can help you maximise the value of your subscription.

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The average pro licence costs around 1300 euro per year. This fluctuates slightly according to your specific needs, such as how many therapists require training (around 400 euro per trainee) and how many headsets you require (the models we recommend cost around 400 euro per headset). The number of patients operates on a fair-use policy of maximum 40 patients per licence. These fees help us cover the costs of developing this amazing treatment protocol, and improving it consistently.

Interested in implementing the Reducept Method? Plan a demo where we can discuss how we can meet your specific needs.

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