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Your guide to pain reduction.

Learn to control your pain in Virtual Reality. Specially developed chronic pain. Learn what it is and how you use it  in the usage section.

Your guide to pain reduction

The secret of pain explained.

Did you know that pain is produced by your brain? We built Reducept to train your brain. Starting from where you feel it, working to where you control it. There is more science behind Reducept. Let our experts explain it to you in the science section.

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How does it work? Take a look at Reducept.

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Different people, different pain.

Your story inspires us. Want to tell us your story? We are here to listen.

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Without painkillers, I was not able to sleep through the night. After using Reducept on a daily basis, I did not have to use painkillers anymore. I can even sleep in a little bit!



Backed by science, built by experts.

Louis, Margryt, and a small team decided to make Louis techniques available so more people could experience the benefits of pain management anytime, anywhere.


Reducept is backed by leading clinics

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  • 10 minutes of daily training
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