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Take care of your body: continue the journey

This week is all about paying attention to the body. Especially by using an exercise from Mindfulness, the Body Scan.

Why attention works

Paying attention to pain is one of the hardest things to do. It is much easier to ignore pain, to be angry or sad because of pain, and to avoid pain as much as possible. 

Again, the earlier comparison of the argument is good. When you have an argument, it is easier to ignore and blame the person. It's hard to see what you could have done differently yourself and engage in a conversation. But it's also the only way to get out of the argument.

Paying attention to your body

And now?

If you have managed to practice with the Body Scan several times this week, then that is a good start! If it is good, then it is very difficult and hard work to do such an exercise and keep it up. Living better with pain is hard work. But you have taken the first steps to resolve the "dispute" with your alarm system.

Now it's time to deepen your mindfulness. You can do that with the following apps, among others:

The Mindfulness App (Dutch)
Headspace (English)
Tencent Happier (English)

Or via a trainer in your area.

Take care of your body: continue the journey