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Starting Reducept in healthcare

Reducept's mission is to be able to help as many patients with chronic pain as possible. In 2020, we, therefore, made Reducept directly available to patients. The insights from a year of direct access to Reducept taught us a lot and led us to decide that patients can currently only start Reducept through a practitioner. Below you can read about the benefits of starting through a practitioner and how you can start Reducept as a practitioner or patient. 

Integrating Reducept into daily life

Chronic pain is, in many cases, a complex problem. Biological, social and emotional factors exert their influence on the experience of pain. Reducept specifically aims to train our brains, influencing the emotional/psychological aspects of pain in particular. Therefore, to best integrate Reducept into daily life, embedding it in a treatment program for chronic pain is desirable in many cases. The practitioner can look at the problem with a broader perspective, and use (evidence-based) interventions such as graded exposure - which fit perfectly with Reducept - in addition to Reducept itself, for example.

A practitioner can also better help translate the skills learned in Reducept into everyday life. Some patients make that step themselves (automatically), but in other cases, it works better when a practitioner practices the mental skills with the patient and helps choose situations to apply new skills. 

Getting started with Reducept on your own (standalone)

Some patients may want to start using Reducept independently. Even then, a good introduction to the program by a clinician is desirable. After the introduction, the patient may be able to start independently or be supported by telephone contact.  When a patient leaves treatment and wants to continue using Reducept's services, it is possible. All practitioners affiliated with Reducept can be found via this link.

The future

We will continue to research and innovate to bring knowledge about pain and pain management to the patient as effectively and efficiently as possible. With our blogs, webinars, exercises and articles we contribute to a world where everyone has a better understanding of how to influence pain. For practitioners, in addition to Reducept as an application, we also focus on good pain knowledge and skill development to better treat pain. 


Do you want to learn more about how to integrate Reducept into your practice? Schedule a demo call with us, we are happy to show you around.

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