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Reducept is joining XRHealth Virtual Clinic to Aid Pain Management

We are yet another step closer to freeing the world from chronic pain!  

On July 26th, we reached another milestone by launching our partnership with XRhealth: the leader in extended reality and therapeutic applications. This partnership is designed specifically for individuals experiencing ongoing chronic pain with the aim to help patients gain control over pain, potentially reducing their need for medication.  


Chronic pain means that pain has been influencing your life negatively, on a daily basis. Pain is called ‘chronic’ when it has been impacting you for over three months. However, four out of five people with chronic pain report that they've been having pain for over two years.

The Reducept VR Game trains the user's brain to make their own pain medication through digital psychological pain treatment. The pain management app provides immersive visual journeys and education through a gamified story. The app also offers targeted behavioural experiments and applies evidence-based techniques from acceptance and commitment therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy to 3D virtualization of the body.

"We would like to provide people in pain with enjoyable, satisfying and sustainable pain treatment. The great thing about Reducept is that it combines several patient-focused techniques clinically proven to reduce the negative impact of pain on quality of life. We are excited to join XRHealth to make Reducept treatment accessible on their platform," says Margryt Fennema, Co-Founder of Reducept.

XRHealth provides remote care to patients globally with a variety of conditions, including pain management, and is covered by most major health insurance companies in the USA as well as Medicare. One of the unique features that VR therapy provides is that users can utilize therapy from the comfort of their home while data and healthcare progress is shared with their doctors in real-time so that medical providers can adjust therapy, as needed.

"Chronic pain can often be debilitating for people and the medication required to control the pain can be both addictive and have unpleasant side effects for patients," says Eran Orr, CEO of XRHealth.

With this partnership in sight, Reducept and XRHealth are confident that many more patients suffering from chronic pain will benefit from the treatment provided by us, leading to a pain-free world, one step at a time.

It’s expected that the Reducept VR Game will be available for XRHealth patients in the USA in Q4 2021. Check XRHealth official website for more details.

On August 3rd 2021, we co-hosted a webinar "How VR brain training can help reduce chronic pain" with Sarah Ortiz from XRHealth Virtual Clinic.



Reducept is joining XRHealth Virtual Clinic to Aid Pain Management