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Reducept Dashboard Update: a brand-new look

Reducept Dashboard Update is available to all professional clients from 15 October 2021

The use of the Reducept dashboard was not always intuitive and easy in practice. We have updated the design and text of the dashboard, so that it is easier to use, clearer and faster. At the same time, we have taken care to structure it in such a way that existing users of the dashboard will learn it in no time at all.

Good to know: Due to the implementation of this update, some devices might be logged out. Log in again with your institution's account to re-add the headset to the dashboard.

Below are some of the most important changes.

A new patient overview page

The patient overview page has undergone significant changes and offers more data on patient progress. In the new version, you can manage the use of Reducept for your patient from their own page, as well as see which device is currently linked to the patient. Finally, you can see how your patient is performing compared to the average in your practice.

Improved group functionality

It's now easier to manage groups, and patients can be added to multiple groups for more comprehensive data.

Data handling changes

Perhaps most importantly, the system that processes all data in the background has also received a major update. Creating, logging in, recovering passwords and other functions are now more stable.

Accurate error messages

Is something going wrong or is an action not successful? We've made our error messages clearer so you know what's going wrong and how to fix it without disrupting your workflow. 

In case you are wondering

Do you have questions about this update? Here are some answers that will hopefully help you further.

Will anything change for my practice?

  • No. You can continue to use Reducept with the same licenses and user data.

Do I need to pay for this update?

  • No! This update is free for all our customers.

Do I have to do anything to get the update?

  • No. We have made all the changes you need on our end, and all our web addresses remain the same. 

I've been logged out, now what?

  • We had to do some tinkering with our server to bring you this update, and unfortunately, some accounts have been logged out automatically as a result. Log in again, and the app will continue to work as before.

I have a problem/feedback/question that wasn't answered here!

  • Send us an email at support@reducept.com and we will respond as soon as possible. We're still polishing this version and making it even better, so we'd love to hear what you think!
Reducept Dashboard Update: a brand-new look