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Reducept and Fys’Optima Partner to Help Professionals Adopt Digital Brain Training to Combat Chronic Pain

At Reducept, we are accelerating our partnership with Fys’Optima, the national network of physiotherapy practices, to help healthcare professionals adopt evidence-based, digital chronic pain therapy to boost their treatment programs. Over the last two years, Reducept has proven to be an effective tool to combat chronic pain with no associated side effects and is rapidly becoming a go-to solution for the early intervention in chronic pain management, with a network of more than 200 healthcare partners and 30 research institutions in the Netherlands. 

Fys’Optima and Reducept are joining on a mission to free the world from pain by digitalizing the pain practitioners’ toolkit and expanding the treatment options with cutting-edge technology. The partnership is designed to help physiotherapists supercharge their pain expertise and boost treatment programs with a nondrug non-invasive digital therapy with an ultimate goal to give patients better results.  

“I realized using the game with my patients was more effective than conventional therapy. Explaining the complexities of chronic pain and providing patients with evidence-based forms of therapeutic treatment usually took hours and was very repetitive. With Reducept, I could give patients a consistent therapeutic experience. It saved time, money, and most importantly, provided much-needed pain relief to my patients, without the side effects associated with pharmaceutical interventions,” - says Louis Zantema, co-founder and Chief Science Officer at Reducept.

Reducept trains the brain to deal with pain differently. Combining the scientific insights on pain education, psychology and digital therapy, it teaches users about pain and how it affects their body and gives them practical tools to apply in everyday life. Reducept is an award-winning company, having won the United Nations World Summit Award 2019, Accenture Health Tech Innovation Challenge Award 2019, the International Serious Play Awards 2019 and Game Bakery Awards: Best Serious Game 2020. Today, their ground-breaking method has helped over 2500 patients learn more about their pain and get better control over their lives. With over 12% of Dutch adults suffering from chronic pain, Fys’Optima and Reducept hope this collaboration will help many more people regain control of their lives.

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“I have been in a wheelchair with a spinal cord injury for 30 years and have had nerve pain for just as long. This nerve pain has increased over the past 5 years. When my wife told me about Reducept, I was very curious. I immediately started looking at the possibilities. That's how I ended up at Retera in Deurne. I was right there with my nose to the grindstone. I was the first one here who was offered to work with the VR glasses and 'Reducept'.

First I got an explanation of the programme and how chronic pain originates. Then I got to work with the VR goggles. This was quite a different experience because the glasses shut you off from the world around you, so your experience is much more intense. The programme allows you to "literally" look inside your own head. You can see your brain in the glasses and the nerve tracts where the pain stimuli run through. The glasses give you the possibility to shoot at 'pain stimuli'. There is also a relaxation exercise where you have to follow a ball and another fine exercise where you have to remember an increasing number of spheres in a pattern.

I have experienced the therapy as particularly effective.  In particular, the explanation of the concept of "pain" and the fact that you can influence pain through relaxation opened my eyes. The sessions helped me to relax more during an attack of pain”, shares his experience Nico Teunissen.

Over 50 Fys’Optima practices have integrated the Reducept Method into their practice over the last two years, providing extensive positive feedback from patients. In 2021, Reducept and Fys’Optima plan to double this number to ensure wider access to the latest technology around the Netherlands.


Reducept and Fys’Optima Partner to Help Professionals Adopt Digital Brain Training to Combat Chronic Pain