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Reduce Pain: Exercises for at Home

A lot can change in a few weeks... The whole world is at a standstill because of the Corona virus. We're all sitting at home, waiting for this to be over. What can you do at home against your pain? Read how to prepare so that hopefully you can go into the summer with less pain! 

Doing exercises at home

An important part of getting a grip on your pain is movement. Right now it can be more difficult to get in motion, especially if you are in the house a lot. 

There are plenty of 'apps' that can keep you moving at home. Especially the '7 minutes workouts' are well known. We recommend this free '7M Workout'. Not only is this app free, you can also set up a lot. How long you want to train, which level - and which exercise you want to leave out because they don't feel right!

When moving, keep in mind that you don't cross your limits!



Staying mentally healthy

Maybe now is the time to work on your mental health. On this blog you can find several exercises that can help you with that. You can delve into more mindfulness-focused exercises or maybe even using an app as Headspace. Or get started yourself in Virtual Reality!

Think of it as an opportunity

The biggest pitfall that can play now is to see only the negative side of the current crisis. Those negative sides are certainly there and should not be denied - but it pays to look at your possibilities. What do you have more time for now? How can you immerse yourself in activities you can do at home, which will help you in the future. In short: see it as an opportunity to come out stronger.