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Product update: release notes from April 4, 2022

Hello, Reducepters,

Happy spring! We’ve been hard at work doing some spring cleaning, and we’re happy to let you know that a new Reducept game version is now live, as well as a new dashboard version. You can update your game to 1.12.4, the newest version, from the Pico store or the app store of your mobile phone. The dashboard update will automatically go live — there’s nothing you have to do.

In these updates, we’ve fixed some long-running bugs, added some much-requested functionality, and removed some cobwebs. Here are the full release notes:

Reducept game

  • Players who experienced intermittent data loss on some devices will no longer have this issue. Sorry about this one!
  • A bug that caused players to get stuck on the startup screen due to a corrupted data file has been fixed.
  • The app used to have issues processing your subscription if you had switched between different types of subscriptions in the past. We have fixed this so that people with any active license will no longer be blocked from logging in. No more “license expired”.

Reducept dashboard

  • We heard you and we got it done! Unwanted devices can now be deleted from an organization.
  • Therapists can now see what version of Reducept a device is running so that it’s easier to troubleshoot problems.
  • Account creation emails will no longer be sent to patients who have home usage disabled. We will only send an email at the time home usage is enabled for a patient.
  • We realise that many patients were attempting to log in to Reducept through the therapist dashboard instead of the website or the game. As part of correcting this issue, error messages for account types that may not make use of the dashboard have been improved.
  • Practice owners and therapists can now see how many licenses they have remaining in the current payment period.
  • Users who have their language set to Dutch no longer get redirected to an English page after they click on a Reset Password or Confirm Account link through an email.
  • Patients with home usage enabled will no longer receive an error on login if a therapist has logged them out of a different device through the dashboard.
  • ...and a host of other minor bugs have been fixed!

We hope you enjoy it, and as usual, we would love to hear your thoughts and comments! Please feel free to drop us a line at support@reducept.com.

Product update: release notes from April 4, 2022