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The Positive Spiral

How do you prevent yourself from falling into a negative spiral if you are in pain for a long time? And how can you get into a positive spiral, to make your life just a little bit better? Read it in this blog!

The positive spiral

This blog is the sequel to my previous blog. In this blog you did an exercise to determine what you find important in life. Then, if all goes well, you also looked at how satisfied you are with the different parts of your life. Haven't done the exercise yet? Then I advise you to read the previous blog first! And also to do the exercise of course ;)

Where is the difference?

Now comes the most important thing. Look at the list you made. If all goes well, some things in life are more important to you than others. But, you will also see that you are less satisfied with certain things than with others. Where are the biggest differences with you? What do you think is important, but what are you not at all satisfied with?

The Positive Spiral
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Rapid change rarely works

A positive spiral is not called 'spiral' for nothing. A spiral goes up slowly. Otherwise it would have been called the positive rocket, with which you would have had your whole life back in 10 seconds. Unfortunately it does not (yet) seem to exist. Unfortunately we have to take it a bit slow and elaborate....

The rest of the exercise!

Choose one of the areas of your life where you think change is most needed. For example, you may find that your health is very important (a 9), but that you are not at all satisfied with it (a 3). That is a big difference. 

Think about what your life would be like if you were satisfied with your chosen part. Don't think about it too long, because the following is much more important: Write down what would have changed in your life to be 1 point more satisfied with this theme. Why only 1 point? Because quick change doesn't work! It's better to think about how to take a small step forward than to expect your whole life to be in order right away. Only when you are 1 point more satisfied, you continue!

With the method above you can more easily choose a theme to focus on. It also makes it easier to determine which steps you would like to take first. Wondering how you can keep up? Then read these tips - 8 Tips to keep progress.