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A placebo for chronic pain

The 'placebo effect' sometimes has what a bad name. It may be reminiscent of 'fake drugs' or quackery... Yet the placebo effect is something incredibly positive! Learn what it is and how to use it yourself.

What is the placebo effect?

The placebo effect occurs when a 'positive expectation' you have makes a drug or treatment work better. When you have confidence in something and look at it in a positive way, the chance of success is higher! That is the placebo effect. A 'placebo', as it was originally used in medical studies, is a 'drug without active ingredients'. So the 'placebo effect' is a lot broader!



Placebo Mindset

You could say that the placebo effect has mainly to do with your 'mindset'. The way you look at your treatment. The most important thing is that you have confidence in your therapist. The fact that your practitioner is honest and open plays a major role in this. Treaters that promise golden mountains do not help, but also practitioners that keep everything hidden do not help... It also helps if you have the feeling that the things a practitioner expects from you, fit you. That you feel understood, that you have the freedom to choose which exercises help you and that you understand your treatment well, help a lot. 

All on the placebos?

Do we all have to take fake pills instead of medicine from now on? No, we don't. The placebo effect turns out to be the strongest, if the treatment does good things in itself. So, a medicine or treatment with active ingredients that you have confidence in and feel good with, will give the strongest placebo effect. 

Want to know more about placebo? Reducept members can watch the webinar with Andrea Everts (in Dutch) on this topic!