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Monthly Digest for Professionals - June

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More than 130 institutions are now using Reducept, and with them more than 250 practitioners. More than enough reason to keep you specifically informed about updates, new information and ways to use Reducept more efficiently!

PROGRAM UPDATE | New: Reducept accessible only through practitioners

Reducept's mission is to be able to help as many patients with pain as possible. So in 2020, we made Reducept readily available to patients. It taught us that most patients would benefit from a more integrated treatment, more context to place Reducept - but most importantly, help to integrate the skills into their daily lives. While we support free choice for patients, we have decided to make Reducept accessible only through Reducept treatment providers. 

In the coming months, we will be focusing more on how to integrate Reducept within various types of settings and how to make Reducept a treatment tool that is more than just a VR intervention. Read more about this decision here.

MUST-HAVE DOCUMENTS | Download an updated protocol for the Reducept method

Recently, a number of manuals and documents within Reducept have been updated. One of them is the protocol for practitioners. This protocol explains how to integrate the Reducept method into your treatment, per session. How to not only train the patient in Virtual Reality, but also offer more information online and possibly get them started with the Reducept workbook. You can find the most recent protocol here.

Monthly Digest for Professionals - June