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Living with Chronic Pain - the story of Jaap Koning

In this blog Jaap Koning tell us more about how he deals with Chronic Pain and his experience with the Reducept treatment.

Living with Chronic Pain 

Unfortunately Jaap suffered from Chronic Pain. A severe shoulder pain that started 35 years ago. He was referred to a rehabilitation doctor at the UMC where he gets medication (cortisone) and a pain treatment in which his shoulder was immobilized so that it could get some rest. However, this did not stop the pain and he was looking for new possibilities. 

"I was completely immobilized. That meant that I was given an arm-breast cast. So I sat from my navel to my neck in the plaster, just so I could rest my arm". 

living with chronic pain jaap koning


About Jaap

Jaap Koning is a retired interim manager with a great love for nature, horses and having coffee with his wife Sietske. They live in a small cosy village in ‘het Westerkwartier’ in Groningen and Jaap can certainly be called an active and sportive person because he walks 10 kilometers every day! 


Chronic Pain and Reducept

After watching the broadcast about the chronic pain treatment Reducept on Friesland TV, Jaap went to his Orthopedist who told him, with a smile, that a lot of pain complaints are a mindset! Based on that, Jaap also purchases the Reducept Method to try it out for himself and this turned out to be a great success for him!

"I bought the program, I bought the VR glasses, got started with it, and you can believe it or not, the first time I used it I was completely pain free after 10 minutes, completely pain free!" 

During the first 10 minutes with Reducept Jaap is, to his surprise, completely pain free. "Later", Jaap says, "the chronic pain came back but that helped". In a time span of 3 to 4 weeks in which he trains at least 30 minutes daily, Jaap reduces his Oxycodone painkillers up to 50% and sleeps much better. However Jaap does say: "you have to want to believe in it. That is what’s most important". 

He compares playing Reducept with hypnosis. It works, except for the people who resist it and the fear gets stronger than the relaxation. 

"This is also the case with Reducept. If you think it can make a contribution, then you must absolutely play it".