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New collaboration format with the Reducept users: the co-creation days

Have you ever wondered what receiving a gift from heaven would be like? According to Esther, that was Reducept. 

At Reducept, we commit to provide pain treatment for patients like Esther and Marcia who spend years on end suffering from chronic pain. In many cases,  patients are in and out of hospitals due to misdiagnosis by doctors or prescribed treatments that have little to no effect. In order for us to gain an even better understanding of the daily struggles chronic pain patients go through, we have decided to set up a co-creation day where we got the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with the patients themselves.  This way, the Reducept team was able to receive constructive feedback directly from its patients regarding their journey and experience with the treatment.  

During the co-creation day, we asked some of the part-takers to tell their story for us to share with the rest of our community. 

Q: What does Reducept mean to you?

Marcia: For me, Reducept means... alleviation, clarification with regards to my pain that *used* to be chronic.

Q: What are your thoughts on today? 

Esther: I thought it was really super interesting, I’m happy to be invited. It made the distance between the creators and the users like me a lot smaller, which I didn’t expect. We exchanged a lot of tips and ideas: What we do and don’t like about Reducept, what does and doesn’t work in the healthcare system. We hope that a lot is learned from this experience, that it will be used in the future to shore up the quality of care in the healthcare system. My personal experience, after 4 years of medical interventions: non of them worked. Reducept came for me like a gift from heaven. It means a lot to me, I hope it can mean a lot to others too.

Jorim Theuns, the general designer at Reducept, was co-hosting the co-creation day.

Jorim:  As many of you already know, we are busy working on creating and improving treatment methods for people with chronic pain. We don’t do this alone. From day one, we have worked together with patients and treatment providers to create the best solution in the fight against chronic pain. In June, we started exploring a new format for this collaboration: co-creation days. We invited patients around the table to share their experiences so that we can evaluate what reducept is good at and where there is still room for improvement.

We would like to thank those who came to the co-creation day for sharing their insightful and inspirational stories with us. We have taken your feedback into careful consideration and highly appreciate your time. 

In order for Reducept to continue improving its service and growing its community, we want to organise these co-creation days regularly. Are you a treatment provider, or do you suffer from chronic pain? Then fill out the form below and we will make sure to contact you when the new session is scheduled.

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New collaboration format with the Reducept users: the co-creation days