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How Tina treats her Thalamus stroke with Reducept

Here is the story from our patient Tina, who started the Reducept therapy in January 2020, and by the end of 2021, she stopped the subscription because she didn't need it anymore. She retrained her brain from creating pain!

"I am Tina, now 64 years young. In early October 2016, I had a coughing fit and the next day I had a numb, heavy feeling from the tip of my left big toe to my crown. All this is just on the left side. Monday morning straight to the family doctor (a substitute) who told me I had pulled a muscle in my neck. "Huh?" I thought immediately.  Back to the GP the following week, again a substitute, sigh. "Nothing neurological ma'am." But I started walking worse and was in a lot of pain. That Wednesday went to the sauna because heat is good for pain. Oops, if I had known what I know now.

Two weeks later finally to my own family doctor, with her, the alarm bells started ringing and I was rushed to the neurologist, MRI, which showed that I had a thalamus stroke. Your thalamus is supposed to reduce pain impulses and eventually you won't feel any pain anymore. Because I have damaged the thalamus, the pain impulses come in, but the signal back is not sent.

A lot of doctoring, pain medication and antidepressants (which depressed me) later, I finally ended up seeing a rehab doctor in January 2020. The physical therapist working with him at the time just had the glasses and the first program of Reducept and I got to try it out. It caught on, hooray! I could sleep again and I was no longer on medication.

In March I finished the program and got another 3 months of the program for my VR glasses. At home, I started practising every night. I stopped in July and in August I took out an annual subscription. The exercises went very well, even with the newest level. My husband regularly had to wake me up because I fell asleep during the exercises. It worked so well that I stopped doing the VR exercises at the end of June 2021. If I have to, I can bring the brain, the spine and the control centre (the 5th level) to mind and practice like that.

I can recommend Reducept to anyone with chronic pain issues. It works!"

How Tina treats her Thalamus stroke with Reducept