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FAQs about the "Bevrijd van pijn" by Louis Zantema

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the book "Bevrijd van pijn" written by Louis Zantema. 

1. Is the book available in English or in other languages?

    Unfortunately, the book is currently only available in Dutch. However, translated versions are a plan for the future. 

2.  Where can I download the book? 

     A list of places where you can download Bevrijd van Pijn is at bol.com, Amazon, bruna, blokker and many others. 

3.  Is it available as an E-book? 

     Sure it is! You can find e-book versions on Amazon and the Bruna website. 

4 - Is there a preview of the book? 

     Yes, the preview can be found on our website

5.   Is there going to be a book launch? I missed the one in Leeuwarden.

      We are indeed considering another book launch at another location, so keep an eye out! 

6. What is the book about, who is it for, what are the main topics of discussion?

    These are all good questions, you can find the answers to them on the website or in this video by Louis. 

7. How can I share my feedback with you? 

    We would love to hear your feedback! Send us an email to info@fennemazantema.nl

 8. I missed the webinar with Bram, where can I watch it back?

      No problem that you missed it! You can watch our webinars on our youtube channel, or on our website.  

9.  Is the book based on scientific research?

     Absolutely! A list of 20+ sources used can be found on our website.


Do you have more questions that are not covered here? Send us your question in an email to info@fennemazantema.nl or visit this page for more information about the book and author!


FAQs about the "Bevrijd van pijn" by Louis Zantema