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Chronic Pain and Working

6 min. reading time

Chronic pain and working, is that possible? Is it wise to put a strain on it, or not? Read it in this blog.

Working with chronic pain is about balance

Everyone with Chronic Pain has their own pain. So you can't just tell them what to do. Yet there are also similarities. Our bodies work the same for everyone. 

Everyone has an alarm for pain in the brain. When this alarm thinks that there is danger, it makes pain. With Chronic Pain, the alarm goes off too often and too quickly. This is possible even if there is no damage in your body. Or if the damage in your body has already been repaired. You can read more about it here

The alarm in your brain is sensitive. Also things like stress, tension and fears influence it. If you feel bad about yourself, this can also affect your pain.

There is another similarity. Many people with Chronic Pain have problems with balance. They do too little, or suddenly too much. This imbalance can cause the pain to last longer.


Chronic Pain and Working: What to do?

Now you know something more about Chronic Pain. If you are in pain, it is good to find balance in your life. So not too much to do, but also not too little. Regularity is important. And it is important that you feel good about the things you do. Because tensions also influence pain, it is better to do things that make you feel good and relaxed.

This is also the most important answer to Chronic Pain and Working. Do you get unbalanced by your work? Is your work irregular? Does your work cause tension or stress? Then it is good to see what you can do about it. Watching other work at work yourself, or maybe even with someone else. 

Work should, on the contrary, ensure balance and regularity. If you enjoy your work and have fun with colleagues, it can really contribute to your life. Chronic Pain and Working is then fine, because you are distracted from your pain. And with the right work you can keep your physical and mental condition well.