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All the cool Pico VR features you didn't know about

Are you thinking of starting with Reducept to manage your pain but feel hesitant to cover the costs of VR glasses? We understand. Investing in VR is for most people not an overnight decision, nor a cheap one. The truth is, you may decide to stop using reducept after a while, and then feel like you are stuck with a pair of expensive glasses you might never use again. Fortunately, this does not need to be the case. 

There are plenty of benefits and possibilities that come with purchasing the Pico G2 4K glasses. In this blog, you will learn about all the other things you can use your glasses for other than the Reducept app. 

Similar to the App store on mobile phones, the Pico glasses also have an app store where you can download thousands of different applications, both free and paid ones, among many categories.  Below you will find the perspective and feedback from one of our previous Reducept users, Veroni, amongst some of the most popular categories amongst users: 

Relaxation and mindfulness

One of the perks of purchasing a Pico VR headset is that you can fully immerse yourself in your surroundings. This is especially valuable when practicing mindfulness, yoga or affirmations. The VR experience allows you to make yourself comfortable in whichever position you prefer while following your favorite mindfulness session.

Veroni experienced this state of peace when watching a movie using her VR headset. "You then move inside the 'movie screen' which allows you to absorb everything while lying down very relaxed, just as if you were watching a movie in a movie theater and also in a pleasant position."


Everyone learns differently. Some of you may prefer to have visual demonstrations whereas others learn best by doing practical exercises. But what is better than having all of these learning tools combined into one experience? Here is how it works. Let's take the example of someone who is very eager to learn about anatomy. Pico G2 visually exposes you to the human body and will guide you through the different body parts using an audio explanation. Using your pointer, you can independently choose which body part or organ you wish to learn more about.

After installing Reducept, Veroni said "You see a human body in front of you, which is very nicely displayed. That way you also develop knowledge of how your body is put together. You then indicate a painful place in your body and then give it a pain score from 1 to 10."

Games & Fitness 

Who said adults can’t enjoy an online game every once in a while? One of the top reasons why customers choose to purchase the Pico G2 is due to the possibility of playing games while simultaneously staying fit. Think of a tennis match with your friends, kickboxing game with your siblings or paintball with your colleagues. This can be compared to the Wii Fit that was very popular several years ago, only this time, you are fully immersed into the game.

Immersive experience

"I can finally go on a roller coaster again, and it really gave me a stomach ache, too."  

When was the last time you went into a rollercoaster? Or maybe even on an airplane? Chances are that it has been a couple of years since you have last experienced either one of these options. Now imagine being able to relive those experiences without the stress of missing your flight or the rollercoaster getting stuck right at the top. That is possible with the Pico G2 VR glasses. Are you a big adventurer who would like to climb the Kilimanjaro mountains or do you prefer relaxing on the Amalfi coast with a cocktail in your hand? You can choose your dream destination out of a large variety of video options available.

"Fortunately, you can do more with VR glasses than just Reducept. You can go through the movies in a different world than the four walls I stare at 24 hours a day. It's very strange to imagine yourself in the jungle, in the middle of the mountains or to see dinosaurs around you that seem to be attacking you" Veroni told us.


Are you interested in buying a Pico VR headset? Or would you rather rent it? Check out all the options we have available for you at a special price on this page.


All the cool Pico VR features you didn't know about