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9 Tips for Improving Sleep When You Have Chronic Pain

This week is all about sleep. Sleep has a huge impact on everything we do in life. It influences our emotions, stress levels and how (clear) we think. You can imagine that sleeping as well as possible in case of pain is very important. Below are several tips to improve your sleep.


9 Sleep tips and exercises

  1. Try to go to bed at the same time every day and get up again. And don't deviate from this more than twice a week. 
  2. Make sure that one hour before you go to bed you don't do any more strenuous activities and/or stop watching programs that you know are too exciting or fun to stop with. 
  3. A hot shower before bed may seem like a good idea, but because the temperature of your body increases, it's more difficult to get to sleep.
  4. Try to leave your phone for what it is in the evening (except for the relaxing distractions). Not only does the blue light make it harder for your body to relax, but all those messages and rumours on the internet make it harder to really relax. So switch your phone off or in flight mode. This also applies to your computer and tablet.
  5. Some phones also have an evening or night mode, which reduces the amount of blue light emitted.
  6. After four hours in the afternoon, stop drinking caffeine-containing drinks such as coffee and cola. These only create a more tense feeling. Black, white and green tea contain the lighter version of theine. If you still want a cup of tea in the evening, choose a herbal tea. Try to avoid alcohol as much as possible. 
  7. Because in the middle of the night not only your sleep is disturbed but can also cause pain, it is wise to stop drinking two hours before you go to sleep. This reduces the chance of having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. 
  8. Only use your bed for sleeping and making love. Not for watching TV or anything else. This will prevent you from associating your bed with other things than sleeping. I do want to make a comment. Some people like to read a booklet in bed to relax. If you feel that it helps you to fall asleep, be sure to do so. Again, choose a book that is just a little too boring and difficult to avoid reading on. 
  9. Provide a relaxed atmosphere in your bedroom. Everything that doesn't have to be in your bedroom, make sure you have blackout curtains and a cool environment.