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The key elements

The Reducept Method is a digital pain training, based on scientific insights and developed by pain professionals. Combine our App, website and community to work on pain symptoms yourself. Whenever it suits you, without side effects.

Your personal pain training

Our award-winning app is your go-to companion. Master your pain by exercising daily. The Reducept app consists of six different exercises. Each exercise trains your brain to become less sensitive to pain. The exercises created by experienced pain professionals and established upon evidence based pain treatment strategies from cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and acceptance and commitment therapy. 

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Your personal training platform

Your personal training platform will provide you with an in-depth experience to learn more about pain. But more importantly, to become and expert in the strategies that will help you to decrease your pain. This part of the website provides you an extensive video pain course, your personal workbook and exercises you can rely on to master your pain. 

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The community: Get together with like-minded people

No one should suffer from chronic pain alone, but it can often feel this way. Get together with others to learn, make connections, help out others or get support when you need it most.

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Live events: New content every month

There is a lot to learn from the experienced. Attend our live sessions, featuring a variety of people who've experienced pain themselves and pain experts. Take a deep dive in the live events that interest you, prepare your own questions and get the answers you are looking for.

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The Reducept Method: Created by experts

Reducept has one mission: freeing the world from chronic pain. The clinical team offers the highest standard of scientific expertise in the field of chronic pain and innovation. Their goal is to make the Reducept Method available for everyone out there.

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What our users say about the Reducept Method

“More then I expected”

“After three weeks of daily use, I no longer needed my pain medication!”

- Jolanda

Jolanda - patient

“After years of struggling, finally getting results”

“In four months time, I'm pain-free for the first time in twenty years. I've struggled for twenty years, what a bliss!”

- Jaap


“Would recommend it”

“With the help of Reducept I can deal with my chronic pain better. I'm using the app 30 minutes a day and my pain has really decreased. I would recommend everyone with chronic pain to at least give it a try.”

- Philip


Reducept statistics

  • 18.000+Use cases
  • 74%Experience less pain
  • 10Minutes of practice a day

What do you get when you purchase

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Want to try Reducept in VR? We recommend the "Pico G2 4K" VR-headset. With this headset you experience Reducept the best!

We do not recommend using the Oculus Go because the manufacturer is discontinuing the Oculus Go

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