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We want to free the world from chronic pain.

Reducept is an end-to-end pain education and management program for healthcare professionals. Help your patients to feel better sooner with a cost-effective chronic pain treatment.

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Built to free the world from pain

Reducept is an evidence-based method that enables healthcare providers to gain advanced chronic pain treatment knowledge and skills.

Expand your pain expertise

Become a certified provider of modern pain education protocol.

Optimize session flow

Adopt a resourse-effective session model to treat more patients in less time.

Boost therapy results

Help high-risk patients with underlying psychosomatic conditions.

Pioneer innovation

Integrate digital therapy and stay on top of healthcare development.

Before you can get started

Teach your patients how pain really works with an immersive VR experience

dorieke in the brain

Pioneering digital health

The Reducept Method is a complex non-invasive treatment program aimed at reducing chronic pain without the use of medication. Here's what you can expect:

  • Complete proprioceptive immersion in our educative VR experience
  • A mobile app for patients to recap what they have learned in VR
  • A gamified, evidence-based treatment technique
  • Working memory & EMDR exercises
  • Visualisation exercises shown to provide direct pain relief
  • Regular use associated with long term pain relief and increased quality of life
Want to learn more?

We help understand chronic pain

Every case of chronic pain is different, but we believe it's possible to help every patient. We based the Reducept method on scientific research to help pain patients understand and overcome their pain.

Science behind

Clinical focus

There is a lot of evidence that digital training decreases pain. Together with leading institutions, we have scientifically established that the Reducept Method significantly reduces pain and increases quality of life.

About research

Our partners

  • 200+Reducept Method Providers
  • 5000+Treated patients
  • 30+Research partners


“With the help of Reducept I can deal with my chronic pain better. I'm using the app 30 minutes a day and my pain has really decreased. I would recommend everyone with chronic pain to at least give it a try.”


“In four months time, I'm pain-free for the first time in twenty years. I've struggled for twenty years, what a bliss!”


“After three weeks of daily use, I no longer needed my pain medication. It’s more than I expected!”


“I no longer use Reducept due to greatly reduced pain symptoms. It has been a great help to me in understanding the whole pain process and giving it a place in daily life. Thank you so much!”


“I want to tell you that after 21 years of pain I am almost pain-free. Thanks to Reducept, I now have a life that I can continue and, most of all, I don't need the treatment at the pain clinic anymore.”



FAQ categorie

The requirements for reimbursement vary per country and healthcare organisation. The purchase of the Reducept Method is not automatically reimbursed by the insurer. Check here the claim options for E-health in the Netherlands. 

By innovating you distinguish yourself from others and you can recoup your costs or even generate more income. This can be done in the following ways:


  1. Referrals: every practice that uses the Reducept Method can be found on our website, both patients and referrers can find the practices there.
  2. As a practitioner you can distinguish yourself by innovation and expansion of treatment options for chronic pain.
  3. The Reducept Method can be applied in the practice and through remote care at home.
  4. Efficient treatment and reduction of the necessary treatment time (possibly with a fixed rate).
  5. Offering treatment in groups.
  6. Patients can start working with the Reducept Method at home.

Internationally, various subsidies are available for the implementation of technology in the healthcare sector. If you are interested in applying for subsidies to purchase the Reducept Method, please contact us to advise on the possibilities that are relevant for you.