Science: Why Reducept works

Our approach

At Reducept we see scientifically proven pain education and psychology as an important part of modern pain treatment (1-8). We combine this in our software development to train the emotional brain to fight pain. 


The Benefits.

Reducept is an exercise for the brain. Through training, you can actually rewire parts of your brain to enhance control and diminish the pain. Most importantly, this means you can change your brain to produce less pain in a way that is long-lasting (2-8).


Our Research.

We are currently in progress on research studies with large national institutions (6). We are committed to ensuring Reducept can actually make an impact in lives. While the research on pain management, especially Virtual Reality programs, is still growing, there is evidence to support the use of Virtual Reality training for pain management (1).

The research team at work

The proof is in the science.

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